1. Reference to things past
2. Memory for experiences that are past

Most of the entries here are repost which I accidentally deleted sometime ago, some comments that I was able to saved will be reposted as well so please don’t be surprised to see your old comments here. For those who will visit my re-post for the 1st time or for the nth time, please feel free to drop me a line or two. Thank you!


16 comments so far

  1. Princessfiona on

    oh well… everyone is changing to wordpress. Relocation huh. :)

  2. Ver on

    Everyone except you… hehe, lipat ka na rin :)

  3. Raquel on

    Abangan ang susunod na kabanata. Import mo nalang ang blogger mo dito.

  4. gbert on

    hayan, andami ko nang aabangan sa friend surfer ko.. :)

  5. mmy-lei on

    welcome sa wordpress!


  6. brVince on

    aha! new life here, lol!

  7. tina on

    im making plans to shift to wordpress… i will contact my host slash friend. nyahaha…. wordpress here i comeee.. (wordpress is soo neat!)

  8. kendi on

    wordpress is neat, but i can’t tweak its html codes eh. dat’s why i get frustrated. i have an account here, pero di ko ginagamit. and i want a domain with my name. saving pa ako… may bayad eh sabi ni iskoo. hehe.

    uy kuya… padala ka naman dito cebu ng meiji chocolates from japan…

  9. Joyce on

    kuya, mas madali ba dito sa wordpress?

  10. tina on

    helloo :)

  11. tina on

    Have a great week! :)

  12. tina on

    Hello guess you are travelling! hehe:P

  13. angelblush on

    Have a great day always! :)

  14. butchok on

    Sa tagal ng panahon ngayon lang naka visit sa blog. musta na rin hehehe. patay na halos ang blog ko.

  15. janet on


    i’m dropping by here again after a year…hope mark/cruise cud still recall me.

    marami na ring nabago sa site na ito ah…
    God bless…

  16. dodong flores on

    Kumusta na, bro?

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